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More than just another traditional bank account: Give your kids access to their own Mastercard, financial literacy tools, and more for a fraction of their price!

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We understand that each family has its own dynamic and no families are the same. That’s why we give you different options to choose from. Select the Hero Subscription Package that fits best your superpowerful team!

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Which subscription
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The Essentials plan is great to get a taste of Hero and all its essencial features such as the SideKick Mastercard, the security features and for teams with only one hero and one sidekick.

The Premium plan is the most popular and with the best value. It’s great to unleash the superpowers of more than one sidekick and start their Financial Literacy journey with features like the Vault and the Round-ups.

Finally, the Ultimate plan is perfect if you want to get all the Financial Literacy ultimate tools to nurture financially healthy sidekicks, such as the budgeting tool (categories) and the blocklist toggle.