Hero Financials

As your kids pursue their education and dreams, we will keep an eye on their finances for you. We will be there for them whenever they need us.


As your kids step outside their home, they will come across several challenges. And isn’t this what life is all about? We’re here to make it quick and easy for your kids to get their funds and support as they enjoy their experience.


We make it as easy to transfer, send, and monitor your money, so that you can have complete peace of mind. And your kids can put their energy into studying and living their adventures.


The big banks have endless additional fees. We're not like them. With us, you choose the monthly subscription that fits your family and your budget. That way, you don't need to worry about hidden fees and can focus on what really matters.

Why We Are Different

We don’t just help your child with easy and reliable access to money (although we’re very good at that!). We’re here to make sure every Canadian youth can have what it needs to become a financially-smart adult in the future. Our card and features are designed to give your child independence, while you remain in control.

Hero Financials provides a safe and secure service and complete control over the budget. We do all of this to make sure your kids can focus on having the time of their lives as they prepare for their bright future. We want to empower your kids so they become the heroes of tomorrow! 


Our Story

Our story starts in a place similar to where you are right now. As parents, we struggled to find a financial solution that fit our needs and could offer tools to support our efforts in educating our youth. We have observed and spoken to many parents who had concerns regarding money management as their children started high school or college. 

We kept seeing red flags with the options available to us. Financial solutions with slow transfers, limited cards, overspending, high fees – and we wanted to solve them. We decided that no parent should lose that meaningful financial connection with their child, and no kid should waste another moment worrying about how to pay for their own expenses when their parents are not by their side.

We brought our diverse knowledge, experiences, and skills together to create a way for you (parents) to be part of your kids’ lives, even when they are away. We developed a convenient solution for kids that is reliable and convenient when paying for their own things. Now your kids have a true sidekick that they can take wherever they go and enjoy the convenience of access to their accounts all the time. 

And there is more coming! We are working to add other account types, rewards, memberships, lines of credit, and so much more. We are dedicated to ensuring that both you and your kids can access and control your money in a safe, secure, and simple way while learning how to become financially-smart adults.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it simple, safe, and secure for your kids to become financially-smart adults in the future. We have created innovative technology to make the process fast and easy. It means helping you save money. It means offering support, advice, and help whenever you and your kids need it.

It means being the Hero you need and deserve!

Financial Literacy


Peace of Mind