A Complete Financial Literacy Service For Kids & Teens in Canada

More than just a card or an allowance app: it’s your kid’s first financial solution, created to evolve their growing needs.


Divide money between our categories: general, living expenses, eating out, travel, shopping, and fun. Each category was curated to help you teach your child how to budget their funds for the most important things.

As parents, you have the superpower of moving money between categories or adding money to only a specific one. You get to decide how much is on their SideKick Card in general. You are in control!

Use It

Hero has partnered with Mastercard, which means your kid can use their SideKick Card virtually anywhere – in-store and online. Complete with secure contactless payment and chip and pin technology, it’s the most modern and efficient way to pay.


It’s important that the money is safe and is accessible by your kid only. In case the card was misplaced or lost, you or your kid can “freeze” it remotely through the Hero app. Found the card? No problem, “unfreeze” it and it’s ready to be used right away.

Recurring Allowance

In a few easy steps, set up a recurring allowance for your child – one less thing to worry about! Decide how often and how much you would like your kids to receive, adjust the settings and you’re good to go. Yes, it’s that simple!


Saving is an important habit to teach your kids. Although piggy banks are fun, it’s hard to keep track on how much money it’s actually saved. Nor is it close to what they will experience in real life!

Add a Vault to your kid’s account to teach your child how to save for a rainy day, or teach them how to set aside money for something special they want to buy for themselves.

Both you and your kids can add money to the Vault but only you hold the key to open the Vault and allow your child to use the funds.


Help your child start saving in an easy way and with little effort on their part!

The Round-up feature rounds the charge to the nearest dollar and automatically adds the difference between the purchase and the charge to the Vault.

Round-up is one of the easiest ways to teach your kids how small amounts can compile to a large balance.


Limit spending in selected categories of merchants. With Blocklist you can prevent their SideKick Card to be used in liquor stores, gambling vendors, distilleries and dating services.

Block these types of merchants and have peace of mind that your kids are spending only where they need to.

Real-time Notifications

Keep an eye on your kid’s spending with our personalized notification centre.

Customize what you want to be notified about it – do you want to know about every purchase? Or maybe just the declines? And choose how you want to receive the alerts, be it on your phone, by email or nothing at all.

Hero gives you the option to be informed of your child’s spending habits in real-time. From helicopter to free-range parenting, we got you covered!

All-in-one app

From smartphones to tablets to desktop computers, you have the same experience. Hero works on any device via browser or mobile app.

Create logins to your kids if they have access to their own devices or just have your own login as a master account.

Hero app features are tailored to both types of users. While parents (aka Heroes) set flexible controls, set up allowances and receive real-time notifications, kids (aka Sidekicks) monitor their balances, view transactions and learn how to better manage their money.

ATM Withdraws

Would you like your kids to be able to withdraw money from an ATM? It’s your choice and we can support you either way!

Choose if you want them to have access to cash with their SideKick Card and change this setting any time via the Hero app. It’s simple as a flick of a switch!


Wallet Pay
(coming soon)

Use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for mobile payments.

SideKick Mastercards can be added to different Wallet Pay apps. You are a tap away from making online or in-store purchases without carrying your physical card.

Ready to give your kid superpowers?