Be The Hero Everyone
Looks Up To!

A hero has great strengths – financial freedom, technology juggler, adventurous. We developed solutions that complement your kids’ lifestyle and deliver the things that matter the most to them. A creative alternative to traditional banking that evolves as your kid’s superpowers grow and change!

Ready to Discover Your Superpowers?

Hero Financials sets you up with a separate account for you and your child, so you can have peace of mind that they have a secure and reliable way to pay for their daily activities. 

Get full transparency on how they’re paying for their daily routine, so you can work together to build good financial habits, even if your kid is not by your side.

As parents, you are the first hero for your kids. Now, it’s the time to help your kids create their Hero account to unleash the power of their finances!

Every Hero Needs a SideKick

Even heroes need help sometimes, and that’s where the SideKick comes in. SideKick Card has a
Budget Tool that splits your kids’ expenses across categories like food, transport, and fun. Money for
each of these categories can only be spent at relevant merchants. So you, and your kids, can track
the funds and control where and how the money is spent.

SideKick Card Canada

SideKick Card Canada is here to empower your kids to pay for expenses on their own. They no longer have to rely on being with you to pay for their daily activities. No more carrying cash and change around to buy ice cream. No more using your credit card to pay for parking. It even comes with a full range of financial literacy features to help them learn along their journey.

SideKick Card International

Are you looking to make international transfers to Canada? SideKick Card International ensures your kids get the maximum of the funds you send them. We offer competitive exchange rates, safe transfers, and low fees.  Get full transparency on how they’re paying for their daily routine, so you can work together to build good financial habits, even from far away.

Budget Tool

Use the Hero Budget Tool to divide money between our pre-created categories: general, living expenses, eating out, travel, shopping, and fun. Each category was well thought out to help you budget for what is important for your kids.

You can control how much is on the card and allocate the funds to each category. As parents, you have the superpower of moving money between categories or adding money to only a specific one. You are in control!



Accelerate your savings and growth of your investments with “Round-Up” settings. Whatever change you spare during transactions, HERO deposits it into your Savings account. Reach your goals faster with HERO.

Recurring Allowance

Easily set up daily, weekly or monthly allocations. Recurring allowances help kids plan to spend it wisely, set savings goals & more. Skip the trip to the ATM — and choose when your kids are paid. Pick a day and decide how often you’d like their payout to hit. 

Track Spending

See where the money’s going with real-time spending updates on the Hero Portal and the app. Need to top-up your kid’s card? Simply log in to your Hero Portal, load your account and transfer money to the SideKick Card. It’s super fast just like a hero.

Security Features

It’s important that the money is safe and is accessible by your kid only. In case the card was misplaced or lost, you or your kid can lock it remotely through the Hero Portal or the app. Found the card? No problem, unlock it right away and it’s ready to spend.

Build Real-World Financial Habits

What better way to learn than by doing? Kids usually learn more by practicing than only with theory. Hero empowers your kid’s independence by giving them the secret tools they need to become financially-smart adults.

Ready for a Super Deal?


Artboard – 6


or $18.99/Year


Artboard – 7


or $49.99/Year


Artboard – 8-01


or $69.99/Year

Why Hero?

Do families discuss financial matters with the members like they discuss other issues? We endeavor to bring financial literacy to all and take the complexities out of everyday banking. We act to make a difference in people’s lives, communities, and our planet by doing business the right way.

The world needs more heroes. We empower you to make the difference.


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